At BUKA we offer authentic Nigerian dishes in a relaxed and "accidentally cool" setting [The Village Voice].

The food is spicy, flavorful and unequivocally African, and we are very proud to have been voted Best Nigerian Restaurant in NY.

We can deliver to any location with no minimum order. Call us for a quote.

Catering is available for events.

All our meat is halal.

About BUKA


BUKA is now offering groceries including:

Palm oil, Garden eggs, Nido, Peak, Milo, Ribena, fufu, Nescafe, baked beans, plantain chips, suya spice, pepper soup spice, ogbono... and much more.

We can also include groceries in your delivery orders.



Monday:               4pm - 11pm
Tuesday:             12pm - 11pm
Wednesday:        12pm - 11pm
Thursday:           12pm - 11pm
Friday:                12pm -   1am
Saturday:            12pm -   1am
Sunday:              12pm - 11pm

An authentic Nigerian restaurant

946 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238